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Abraham and Ursula Curtis Durfee

Abraham, the eleventh child of Edmund and Lana Durfee, was born 14 Nov 1826, in Amboy, Oswego County, New York. Ursula, the 12th child of Enos and Ruth Curtis, was born 14 Dec 1926, in Sullivan, Tioga, PA. He was 4 and she probably about the same age when their parents were baptized, so they grew up in the Church, albeit during the extremely volatile early years of the Church.

He was apparently baptized in 1839, at the age of 13, and they were sealed 5 May 1853, at the age of 27. I have yet to find record of her baptism.

Temple ordinances were performed for them by proxy. In the________ temple, he was baptized 12 May 1934, endowed 22 Feb 1935, and sealed to his parents 31 May 1952. On 4 Jan 1882, at the age of 55, she was sealed to her parents in the St. George Temple. In the Salt Lake Temple, she was baptized and endowed 11 June 1931 by proxy.

Abraham and Ursula were married in 1846 in Carterville, Pottawattamie, Iowa. They were both 19 at the time the Saints left Nauvoo. Abraham is shown to have had two additional wives, Mary Langley Turner and Alsa Langley.

They had six children. Their first, Clestia Ann, was born 21 Sep 1847, in Carterville, Pottowattomie, IA (Winter Quarters), but died 6 Jul 1850 just after their second, Mahala Ruth, was born 17 May 1850, in Carterville, Pottowattomie, IA.

Abraham's excommunication, their divorce, cancellation of sealing, and Ursula's marriage and sealing to Samuel Kendall Gifford, need documentation. Abraham is shown to having died in 1862, at the age of 34, possibly in Illinois?

Ursula died 20 Jun 1902, at the age of 75, in Springdale, Washington County, UT.

Larry Coleman has additional information to improve this history, which I look forward to adding.

Other descendants of Abraham and Ursula Curtis Durfee may have more information, especially those descending from their younger children who lived longer lives. Their son Abraham Augustus Durfee was born 8 Dec 1852 in Springville, UT, and died 14 Oct 1916, in Gridley, Butte, CA. His wife was Polly Vilate Lemmon. Their daughter Ursula Jane Durfee was born 23 Feb 1857, in Springville, UT, and died 26 Oct 1933, in Provo, UT. Her husband was Franklin Pierce Hadlock. Their youngest, Enos Curtis Durfee, was born 16 Oct 1859 in Springville, UT, and died Dec 1890. His wife was Susanah Deaton.

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