Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Samuel, Sr. (and Mary Elizabeth Gifford) Parker

Samuel Parker, Sr. was born about 1816 or 1818, in Butternuts, Otswego County, NY, the son of Samuel Parker and Mary B. (maiden name unknown). Mary Elizabeth was born 23 Apr 1818, also in Butternuts, Otswego, NY, the oldest of Alpheus and Anna Nash Gifford. She was 12 years old when her parents joined the Church, but was not baptized herself until 1 Nov 1848, at the age of 30.

On 30 Mar 1850, almost six months after giving birth to their son, Samuel Parker, Jr., Mary and Samuel Parker, Sr. actually married, when he was 32-34 and she was almost 32. Since they also had a daughter, Mary Ann Parker, in 1851 in Basin, Cassia County, Idaho, they may have gotten married in SLC or Idaho, or somewhere in between. They received their endowments and were sealed one year later, two years after first being married, on 30 Mar 1852 (in the Endowment House in SLC?). To be sealed, he must have been baptized, but where and when? Samuel died 9 Jul 1879 at the age of 61, not sure where. Mary died ten months later, at the age of 62, in Shoneburg, Washington, UT, and was sealed by proxy to her parents over a year later on 16 Jul 1881, in the St. George Temple.

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