Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Converts in Hepworth Family Ancestry

19 in the Hepworth ancestry were first converts in their line, 8 in early Church history, 3 in the Nauvoo period, and 8 after the Saints settled in the West.

Early Church History: New York / Kirtland / Missouri

Alpheus Gifford
Anna Nash Gifford
Enos Curtis
Ruth Franklin Curtis
Edmund Durfee
Magdalena (Lana) Pickle Durfee
Welcome Chapman
Susan Amelia Risley Chapman

Nauvoo Period & Exodus

John Cox
Eliza Roberts Cox
Samuel Parker, Sr.

After Saints arrived in the West

Mary Hirst Hepworth
Joseph Hepworth
Elizabeth Tyler Babbitt
Henry William Babbitt

Later after well settled in the West

Susan Arbon Catmull
Mary (Polly) Catmull Chandler
Thomas Chandler
John Bradley Catmull

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